Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion Week

I just got back from New York fashion Week I attended the Rogues Gallery Presents 2011 Designer: Willie Hall Model: Jeanette Cooke-Dabney By: Europe photography llc.

Willie Hall opened the show with breath taking feminine style. The models were so elegant and graceful .The color of her collection was black moth and pink. This collection was inspired by Valentine ’s Day. Willie is blowing up in the fashion world. Her very classy style of fashion made a sophisticated but sexy, bold impact on the runway of New York City. I had a chance to meet with some really inspiring designers. Inspiration was definitely the look the weekend. And you know NYC is the city that never sleeps, after the awe inspiring show, it was only right to end the evening out on the town! I had a fabulous time at the star studded after party in lower Manhattan.

Loves stay tune for the next featured designer at the Rogues Gallery….

Lareena Larue

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