Sunday, August 28, 2011

Born to Soar

Hello loves I miss you all so much! .I know its been a long time, so much has happened in my modeling career, really great things! Ive been gracing runways on the east and west coast. Never once taking for granted the steps it took to get here. Ive been doing a lot of soul searching within myself learning and understanding who I am.  Ive recognized the driving force within me is me. I now understand that I attract positive and can attract negative circumstances. So its my goal to always have a high energy level for life in general, despite all hell breaking loose.  I believe we are born with predestination on our lives and everything youre supposed to have you will attract it. Once I grasped that concept. I ran with it and it changed my mindset on my direction in life. So as we journey through life just remember your destiny was predetermined at birth walk in the path that was predestined in your life. I know that some will say i had a lot of horrible things happen to me or a lot of doors have been shut or you may have been rejected. My response is all things work together for the good. So let the negative go and do what we have been born to do which is soar.  Please check out my new. Website at Thank you for continuing to support me and all I do. Check the site for upcoming events!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rogues Gallery Featured Designer...

I would like to introduce to some and announce to others Mr. Ada J. Perry of New York. This designer totally drew a lot of buzz and had the most exquisite grafted leather. I had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Mr. Perry and here is just a snippet of what he shared.

LL: How did you get started sewing?

AJP:I started sewing when I challenged my mother to teach me after I payed to much for these draw string pants , at age 15. My mother taught me to sew. I wanted to learn more so I started making shirts and jackets, it grew into a love.

I personally respect the versatility of his line, it speaks to the soul. The clothes had a neosoul/ Brooklyn flair. I look forward to seeing Ada J Perry on a National spectrum of fashion.

He was such a pleasure interviewing he was very proud of his designs but at the same time very humble!

Stay tune for the next featured designer at the Rogues Gallery….

Lareena Larue

Fashion Week

I just got back from New York fashion Week I attended the Rogues Gallery Presents 2011 Designer: Willie Hall Model: Jeanette Cooke-Dabney By: Europe photography llc.

Willie Hall opened the show with breath taking feminine style. The models were so elegant and graceful .The color of her collection was black moth and pink. This collection was inspired by Valentine ’s Day. Willie is blowing up in the fashion world. Her very classy style of fashion made a sophisticated but sexy, bold impact on the runway of New York City. I had a chance to meet with some really inspiring designers. Inspiration was definitely the look the weekend. And you know NYC is the city that never sleeps, after the awe inspiring show, it was only right to end the evening out on the town! I had a fabulous time at the star studded after party in lower Manhattan.

Loves stay tune for the next featured designer at the Rogues Gallery….

Lareena Larue

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tomorrow is not promised

It feels like it’s been a life time. Well since I last blogged I have experienced a shocking loss of my first cousin. His name was Aaron Woodard he was only 33 yrs old. He had just gotten married and fell short of breath, he unexpectedly died. We will never know the day or the hour when our last day is going to be on this earth. My favorite quote is, " live life to the fullest because you never know it may be your last." I like to think life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get or what is going to be given to you. Be mindful of that everyday Loves, tomorrow is not promised!

My thoughts and prayers are going out to the victims of Tucson, AZ. These families were affected deeply by tragedy; when a gun man came in and opened fire and took 6 lives and others remain in critical condition. I pray for a speedy recovery for Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford. Along with the other victims who are suffering from a horrible act of violence, and grieving families affected by these tragedies. Whatever you're going through, go through it with dignity and honor and respect for yourself and other. There are many people, that were alive yesterday and gone today, who are unable to live life to the fullest. Be grateful for whatever type of life you have because it could have been you!

Mental thought:
So please remember loves tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Much Love,
Lareena Larue

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your situation can turn around in the blinking of an eye .

I was looking on the internet and came across the story of Ted Williams. as you all know the guy Ted Williams. This was a phenomenal story about a man who fell on bad times and prayed an hour a day thing didn’t turn around right away .This one particular day he was on the highway with a sign stating that he was a golden talent of a radio personality and he is down on his luck. The man was taping his encounters with Ted . Since that encounter he has been on every morning show and night show .His over night success was founded on prayer .So if your going through something just know that God hears our prayers and answers them on his time.

The lesson to be learned is in the blinking of an eye you whole situation can be turned around in the blinking of an eye .

Just cause your alive does not mean you have lived.

Tune in tomorrow for more conversational blogging smooches

Monday, January 3, 2011

Being the best me that I can be

Hello Loves

Happy New Year Everyone! I sure hope everyone has started off this New Year on a good foot. If you're reading this blog than I take it you have! Being the best me that I can be is the title I chose for this blog. I was inspired by a woman who gave an awesome spoken word about this topic. Just to sum it all up in this blog, she spoke about being yourself and being proud of how God created us. Our identity is so important to God. I have one question Loves, if we are so uniquely design with explicit flavor and charisma . Why are we so worried about the next person when we have not figured out ourselves? Some of us have such low self esteem we don’t know how to start revealing the power within ourselves. I have a small exercise for everybody. I want you to look in the mirror and say I love myself and I'm beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made and repeat three times. What this does is it speaks positivity into your spirit and into the atmosphere. After awhile you will start beveling it and then you will become the words you are speaking …
Word of Wisdom :
There will never be another You in this world, You are the best You that this world as ever seen. So take good care of You.

So tune in tomorrow and let me know how the experiment is going ….

Lareena Larue