Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your situation can turn around in the blinking of an eye .

I was looking on the internet and came across the story of Ted Williams. as you all know the guy Ted Williams. This was a phenomenal story about a man who fell on bad times and prayed an hour a day thing didn’t turn around right away .This one particular day he was on the highway with a sign stating that he was a golden talent of a radio personality and he is down on his luck. The man was taping his encounters with Ted . Since that encounter he has been on every morning show and night show .His over night success was founded on prayer .So if your going through something just know that God hears our prayers and answers them on his time.

The lesson to be learned is in the blinking of an eye you whole situation can be turned around in the blinking of an eye .

Just cause your alive does not mean you have lived.

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