Monday, January 3, 2011

Being the best me that I can be

Hello Loves

Happy New Year Everyone! I sure hope everyone has started off this New Year on a good foot. If you're reading this blog than I take it you have! Being the best me that I can be is the title I chose for this blog. I was inspired by a woman who gave an awesome spoken word about this topic. Just to sum it all up in this blog, she spoke about being yourself and being proud of how God created us. Our identity is so important to God. I have one question Loves, if we are so uniquely design with explicit flavor and charisma . Why are we so worried about the next person when we have not figured out ourselves? Some of us have such low self esteem we don’t know how to start revealing the power within ourselves. I have a small exercise for everybody. I want you to look in the mirror and say I love myself and I'm beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made and repeat three times. What this does is it speaks positivity into your spirit and into the atmosphere. After awhile you will start beveling it and then you will become the words you are speaking …
Word of Wisdom :
There will never be another You in this world, You are the best You that this world as ever seen. So take good care of You.

So tune in tomorrow and let me know how the experiment is going ….

Lareena Larue

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