Sunday, August 28, 2011

Born to Soar

Hello loves I miss you all so much! .I know its been a long time, so much has happened in my modeling career, really great things! Ive been gracing runways on the east and west coast. Never once taking for granted the steps it took to get here. Ive been doing a lot of soul searching within myself learning and understanding who I am.  Ive recognized the driving force within me is me. I now understand that I attract positive and can attract negative circumstances. So its my goal to always have a high energy level for life in general, despite all hell breaking loose.  I believe we are born with predestination on our lives and everything youre supposed to have you will attract it. Once I grasped that concept. I ran with it and it changed my mindset on my direction in life. So as we journey through life just remember your destiny was predetermined at birth walk in the path that was predestined in your life. I know that some will say i had a lot of horrible things happen to me or a lot of doors have been shut or you may have been rejected. My response is all things work together for the good. So let the negative go and do what we have been born to do which is soar.  Please check out my new. Website at Thank you for continuing to support me and all I do. Check the site for upcoming events!

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  1. Glad to see you are still doing your modeling. Just goes to show that dreams are attainable. Congrats doll! Check me out when you get a chance.