Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calling all models...

Hello Loves ,

Today’s topic is directed to all models. Lately I lave been interviewing a lot of designers and they've expressed their frustration of models not being prepared for runway and photo shoots. In addition, the low tolerance for tardiness. So no matter how glamorous you are you must be prepared and on time. So my question to the designers was, "What are the must have items for a photo shoot and a runway model ." The response was as follows:

1.Scarf ( to cover your face so your make up will not get on the garment)
2.Different color heals (not just black)
3.Panty liners
4.Strap less and regular bras
5. Robe
6. A personal makeup bag just in case the make up artist doesn’t show
7. Flat irons and hair clips just in case the hair dress doesn’t show
8.Different varieties of panties ie. thongs,bikini briefs etc...

The designers also stated that there is nothing like working with a well prepared model. It makes everything go much easier. So my personal suggestion to all models is to keep these items packed and ready to go . Designer's would be excited about re booking you again for another assignment.

Okay now the date is quickly approaching, December 18,2010, this Saturday I’m going to be ripping the runway in a fashion show in Wilmington, Delaware . Come check me out all ticket info is on the flier, that can be found on the Where's LaReena page. All proceeds are going to a wonderful cause which is benefiting the inner city youth in Wilmington, De.. Come out and show your support. Much love to everyone out there.

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  1. Good post.. I also keep some necklaces and earrings in my model bag, shapewear which is a plus model must.. stick on bra cups and dress tape.