Monday, December 13, 2010

Loving me!

I'm back!!

Thanks for tuning in . It feels so good to be back in the social networking loop. My computer had a virus and now its gone. Now its time for us to get it going again. If you all don’t know out there I’m a single woman who is currently dating and believe me its a lot of interesting people out here. So that leads me to say that I’m working on me by loving and respecting myself. I learned that I cant love and respect anybody until I love and respect my self on a daily basis.

Now on this single journey I'm learning that people give off vibes about themselves that can be good and bad. The ways you can identify them is through general conversation/natural dialog, simple line of questions and body language. When engaging in general conversation a persons personality starts pouring out. Then pay close attention to a person eyes they can tell a story about the present our pass and the future. My grandmother always said that the eyes are the window to your soul.

We have to be ever so careful who we bring in your intimate circle cause there are a lot of people today who have lost there life from not being observant and not going with your gut feeling. So pay attention to signs and bad feelings you get when in the company of any one.

Mental Note: Yesterday was a gift, Today is a present and the Future belongs to God. So live everyday like it is your last. Sometimes we think that we are going in one direction and God turns it completely around and we are in a situation where we cant believe how blessed beyond our wildest imagination we are. Loves keep living life to the fullest No turning back keep looking forward.

Okay now December 18,2010 is this Saturday I’m going to be ripping the runway in a fashion show in Wilmington, Delaware . Come check me out all ticket info is on the flier on the LaReena LaRue page. All proceeds are going to a wonderful cause which is benefiting the inner city youth in Wilmington, De. Come out and show your support. Much love to everyone out there!

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