Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello Loves ,

Thanks for tuning in today. I wanted to touch on a sensitive subject which is understanding forgiveness. You know I like to keep you informed and yes, I looked up the definition on Google. Forgiveness is to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt. Ladies and gentlemen this was a very hard thing for me to understand but I got it. Now I’m going to explain it to you. No one is perfect we've all wronged someone or have been wronged. It does no good to hold on to the account! Let it go! You free not just that person but yourself. You allow yourself to begin to heal the hurt.

So when I say “Forgiveness” people say, "why should I do that, I was the one who was violated or harmed, I didn’t break the relationship." My response is that it brings liberty to you and your soul. I know , I know, it sounds real crazy, but trust me Loves, it's a part of or journey in this thing called life. In order to move forward we have to stop looking back . Please believe me it works.

Think about the last time you were around someone that did something to you and the situation was not address. You don’t have to tell me your blood pressure didn't begin to rise. Before you knew it you were upset or even angry. These are negative emotions that can be avoided if you forgive and move on to the next chapter in your life . Even if they don’t receive it the weight is off you. Forgiveness is a process, much like anything else you are learning, its not automatic. It takes time but don't allow what happened to control you. Trust me I'm not saying not to acknowledge the wrong, but once you do, let it go!

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