Thursday, December 2, 2010

Letting go of the garbage!

Hello Loves ,

Thanks for tuning in today. I had to think long and hard on what the blog would be about today. The first thing that crossed my mind was getting rid of all garbage in our lives. So I look up the definition of garbage, it reads, the discarded food or waste or any other unwanted or useless material. Once again, in so many ways spoke to me! Because garbage can come in the form of people, places, things and situations that mean us no good. These very things are blocking our destiny and our future lifestyles.

Its time for us as individuals to take a good look at our lives and identify the trash. What is worth hanging on and what needs to tossed in the trash for good. I was at a conference once and I had a lot of issues going on and the woman told me to write down everything that was bothering me, Loves, I filled out three sheets of paper! The woman told me to ball the paper up and through them one by one. You know what I truly felt like something was lifted from my life.

Every time I thought about one of those issues, I spoke out loud to myself that it was over and it was in the trash. So I know everyone is going through something that is challenging so I encourage you all to practice this same exercise and be ye trash free!! I would love to hear all of your comments. Hit me back with your stories.

Don't forget you can catch me in NYC , tomorrow night and December 18th in Wilmington, DE. Check Where's LaReena page, link to the right , for details. All proceeds from the show in Wilmington, Delaware are going to a wonderful cause which will be benefiting the inner city youth. Come out and show your support.

Holla back at me …..

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  1. I think the word Trash is exactly what it sounds like... Trash!! And we all have to take the trash out at some point in our lives. It takes some longer than others but as long as you get rid of all that unwanted, useless garbage we can start to become free. It's a personal,sometimes complicated decision that has to be made and therefore, it may be the hardest thing to do. To take the trash out and leave it in the dumpster!!!

  2. I think if you hold on to extra baggage you will miss out on God's plan for your life