Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get up and go get it!

Hello Loves ,

I was chatting with some highly successful models and they all were ever so honest and graceful. During the conversations I always ask them the question, How did you make it in the modeling industry? Nine times out of ten the individual had to go through a ladder process to eventually get to the there current location. There are some exception to the rule. In some cases some individuals are blessed who are just in the right place at the right time to start an enormous career. Which I’m believing for one day. In the mean time I’m climbing the ladder just like everyone else.

No matter how and where you get your start in whatever you do you must be a go getter. Loves it's a hard pill to swallow we must get off of our butt's and get what's ours. Your career is not coming to you on a silver platter. There are many modeling jobs and acting positions out there. We just have to go get it. So stop the excuse and procrastination and go get it.

Every designer and modeling agency executive I've talked to always state that they are look for new faces and that new beautiful face may be yours. So lets go and change this world one casting call after another. Remember everyone is in a different place in there career. So never compare your journey to another persons. You never know what they had to go through get in where they are.

Mental note: If you do not succeed dust your self off and try again. Remember stay humble and smile. When one door close a window will open.

It's getting close to December 18,2010 I’m going to be ripping the runway in a fashion show in Wilmington, Delaware. Come check me out all ticket info is on the flier that you can find on where's LaReena page. All proceeds are going to a wonderful cause which is benefiting the inner city youth in Wilmington, De.. Come out and show your support. Much love to everyone out there.

Below you'll find some familiar faces, before and after photo's. These amazing women all had to climb the ladder. Nothing was handed to them, so keep fighting and keep climbing cause we are destined to get to the top. Meet ya there!!! Post your before and after photo's! I'd love to see!

~LaReena LaRue~

Halle Berry before/after
halle berry.jpg


Heidi Klum
heidi klun.jpg

Oprah Winfrey

Tyra Banks
tyra banks.jpg

LaReena LaRue/before After

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