Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creating your own style

Hello Loves ,

I’m back! As I started my day today I was looking through some photos and magazines and thought to myself everyone is starting to look a lot alike. This really concerned me as a member in the fashion industry. The sights weren’t appealing to me at all. The topic for today is: Creating your own style and being comfortable in it.

The definition of style is how something is done or how it happens, a dignified manner, that is a characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period. There dignified manner. I was watching a tv show and they were doing flash backs of old photo's of a woman, the audience began to laugh at the woman's old photo's, her response really spoke to me, she said,"On that day I felt like I was on top of the Fashion World." That's exactly how we should feel! It may not look like much to you but fashion represents freedom, individuality and personality. Remember what is fashion to me may not be fashion to you. With that being said lets let out creative minds move so we can turn this fashion world up side down with our creative thoughts, designs and talents.

Mark your calendar's Loves! I will be in the NYC, supporting a charity event for Cancer Research. The event is December 3,2010. Also get prepared for December 18,2010, because this plus size model is going to be ripping the runway! I'll be Wilmington, Delaware . Come check me out all ticket info is on the flier that is attached . All proceeds are going to a wonderful cause which is benefiting the inner city youth in Wilmington, De.. Come out and show your support.

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  1. I think everyone is entitled of creating their own style what no one says