Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Being tasked orientated helps you focus on your life goals

I'm back again Loves ,

Have you ever had a million and one things to do and don't know the first place to start? Well, I've had one of them days which brought me to the topic of organization. My schedule can be very demanding and hectic, multiplying as we speak! I've learned a few tips that I find helpful in staying focused. Defeating procrastination is the first step. Procrastination is a mindset. If we change the way we think we can defeat it. The second tip would be to learn to prioritize, if that means write yourself a sticky note, a dry erase board, or a pocket calendar, use your resources to your advantage.

Google calendar is a great way for me to manage my schedule. I can schedule reminders, appointments, notes, and even a to-do list. The last tip would be to set small goals to achieve small successes. Just try it, you'll feel so much better when you look over your accomplishments and see you did at least complete the smaller things! Finally if we put these tips in motion we can get a lot accomplished! Let me hear some of your best practices!

My plans are to attend a charity event in New York City for Cancer Research On December 3,2010. Please mark you calendars for December 18,2010, this plus size model is going to be ripping the runway in a fashion show in Wilmington, Delaware. Come check me out! Check the Where's LaReena page for details about the event or hit me up via email reenalarue@gmail.com. All proceeds are going to a wonderful cause which is benefiting the inner city youth in Wilmington, De. Come out and show your support.

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Lareena Larue


  1. like your pics. im going to read the article later. thank you for the invitation and keep walking :)

  2. Thank you for your post. I'm a master procrastinator!

    Sue Thomason

  3. Sue I am with you on a master procrastinator. I have it in my head that if I wait until the last min, it forces me to get a project done. I am starting to realize that if I planned my time wisely, I wouldn't have to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.

  4. yay! love your blog and I'm so glad i came across it! Follow my plus size blog @ http://dumpyduchess.blogspot.com

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