Friday, November 26, 2010

Loving people where they are

Hello Loves ,

Thanks for tuning in today. The title for today’s blog is Loving people where they are . Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I was around a lot of family and as we all know we can not pick our family members and we cant divorce them either. So the other option is to love them where they are, regardless of what we think or feel about them. This may be hard but it make you a better person who can overcome anything. In hind sight they are still our family members and if the truth be told we can not change anyone. I want to here about your funny Thanksgiving stories and lesson learned from this holiday!

Tune in tomorrow for more conversational blogging smooches

Lareena Larue


  1. You are so right. Love makes it all possible and all worth while! Thanks for sharing this terrific lesson learned!
    The Plus Size GLiTZ Team

  2. One of the biggest “little things” we can do to make a difference in every relationship in our lives is to identify the way the people around us need to be loved. When we love people the way they need to be loved, it draws them closer to us and us to them. Then will be able to accept and appreciate many qualities of friends, family and partner brings into our lives. . kiume Hawa - plus size love