Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I got love on my mind! How bout you?

Some people are in love , long to be in love. Some people have never experienced love. Okay where do u stand? I feel that Love is an action word and the action needs to be shown in the midst of every situation even through good times and bad times. So many are searching for love and to be loved they tend to confuse love with lust. Lust is like a dip in the bath tub, you know the bottom is there, subconsciously. When in love its like an ocean you can't feel the bottom, its as if it's not even there. Lust is constricted or limited, and Love is freedom and limitless! Choose true love over lust because the feeling of lust will leave you in a chilled tub of water with no towel! So as we approach this Thanksgiving holiday with our families and friends, I suggest that we do the three L’s which are Live, Laugh and Love one another and live everyday like its your last.
Who's choosing lust? Burrrr!!!

This is just food for thought : Live life to the fullest tomorrow is not promised to anyone

Tune in tomorrow for our lovely Thanksgiving Blog

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  1. I need to live the life of Christ so I can not receive any more ice baths.