Monday, November 29, 2010

Keeping your peace in a chaotic situation

Hello Loves ,
Thanks for joining me today! Has any one every went to work or school and the environment was tense and everyone around you is arguing and acting like a fool? Then you think to yourself: what did I just walk in on? Did I miss something? I was taught at an early age,not to feed negativity. Its like a spark that can become a mass forest fire. So my suggestion to everyone is when chaos comes your way do not feed it with more chaos,  respond from a cool calm place, don't have to be quick to respond . Just watch the flames simmer down and suffocate. Now I want to here your story and comments about situations where you did not feed that fire and how what challenges you faced when trying to remain calm. What worked for you? Holla back at me yawl…..

Words to live by: Let NO one still your peace, live each day as if its your last day!

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Tune in tomorrow for more conversational blogging smooches

Lareena Larue


  1. I totally agree with you do not fall into negatively or you fall in to it

  2. i feel u negative vibes are hard to resist, u jus hav to have to bite ut tongue and move on...