Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Thanksgiving Holiday

Hello Loves,
I’m truly excited about this up and coming holiday season!  Thanksgiving this year will be at my home and I’ve been preparing for the occasion, from the decor of the event down to the succulent Turkey and all the trimmings.   It's a lot of work, what a job!  I have family coming from out of town, I'll have a packed house. This year we'll be starting a new tradition, where every one is going to sign a decorative board and write the things they are most Thankful for. Can't wait to join in with friends and family on this joyous occasion. With all of the planning and preparing, let us all keep this day in perspective it's about being Thankful. So let's forget about our troubles, misfortunes, bad days, and any negativity we have going on, and focus on the things we Do have and the loved ones that are in our lives. Let's be thankful for our very lives and the air we breathe! I challenge each one of you , that if you don't have anything to be thankful for , to close your eyes and be silent, for maybe 1 minute. Now open your eye's, thank God just then for that moment because those moments of silence and reflection are given to us and not promised. Now send your feedback and comments about your holiday season. What are some of your family traditions? What’s on your mind? 

This is Just a thought to grow on : Sometimes miracles and breakthroughs come on the most unexpected day.
Holla back!

Lareena Larue 


  1. What I am thankful for is my family , friends , and living each day as your last

  2. I am thankful for new friendships!