Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello everyone my name is Lareena Larue, and I am a plus size model. The topic for today is being CLASSY not TRASHY. In our curvy profession we run into all types of women and men who come from all walks of life. What I have observed, is sexiness in the industry is a total over kill. I believe being sexy should come naturally, but faking it becomes so obvious. My personal belief is that everything comes from our spirit and soul. This is dedicated to all the models actress athletes’ musicians and creative artist out there. We should dig deep and bring raw talent and emotion that will be used to change the industry. I want all of your comments and feedback on this issue.

Holla back at your girl

Lareena Larue


  1. I totally agree, what's on the inside should shine on the outside, and if you suffer with low self esteem and your confidence is not what it should be, find someome you look up to, who inspired you, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that's you!!!!!!

  2. Agreed Lareena! Sexiness is from the inside out, it's an attitude , it's the way we speak the way we move , sexy is an action word! We can not and should not be defined by what we have on, period! The clothes are used to enhance our natural beauty/sexy. Staying true to ourselves helps us stay grounded when confronted with the lies society tries to convince us big girls. We should be so in tune with ourselves and firmly standing in what we believe in that society's "views" won't move us! But until then I suggest we all continue to support one another in the plight of full figured acceptance globally!

  3. Thank you all for ur lovely comments please tune in today.

  4. I agree and I addressed a similar issue on my blog. As a Plus Model I find it quite frustrating that we are beginning to be viewed in a a more promiscuous light. Sexy is one thing even standard size models exude that but trashy is quite another thing and I am offended even by some of the women that choose to call them selves "Model".