Sunday, November 28, 2010

Capturing Your Visions and Dreams

Hello Loves ,

Thanks for tuning in today. The title for today’s blog is capturing your visions and dreams no matter how big. A lot of people have visions and dreams and never reach them and settle for less than there achievable best. Have you ever had an experience where you said to your self, I would love to.. or I can't wait to...? These phrases usually come about after we've witnessed someone else fulfill their dream or vision. Why can't we? Well Loves, there is no reason, it all begins with the drive you have inside. Use this drive and your circumstance to catapult you into your destination. When we allow our dreams and visions to drive us we will stand out, we will be different and unique.
We are not like the next person , but we are uniquely made individual's that are not built to break, fail, or fall short. This is God engineering!

***Event Alert***
Come out and enjoy a wonderful fashion show and dinner the ticket are only $25.00 which includes dinner.

Location: New Castle County
Irish Society Center
Wilmington, DE
Date:December 18, 2010
Time: 6pm sharp
See you there!

There is still room for several models, male and female. Leave a comment with email address and I'll forward you the flier.

Tune in tomorrow for more conversational blogging smooches

Lareena Larue


  1. Hey Doll I totally agree! Keep doing what you're doing. We have to continue to navigate our own way through life. Even though God is our personal "On Star", he expects us to prepare ourselves for the detours and traffic jams in this journey called life! So ladies pull down that mirror, put that lipgloss on and stay fantabulous while you insist that certain cars move out ya way while you're trying to get to your Final Destination!

    A. Castro

  2. I think if you dream it and visualize it than it will come to pass

  3. Vision is very important in any goal....with is a dark road