Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Loves ,

I wanted to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays. Today I purchased my computer for my daughter for Christmas. Believe me she has not been the model child but she is trying to turn it around .The lesson I learned mothering this child is loving people just the way they are. The act of loving people where they are is how I treat all I interact with. That’s title of this blog "Loving people the way they are." This can be a complicated act of kindness, but the key to the matter is we as human beings do not have the power to change anyone but ourselves. We can suggest advice. But it is up to the individual to make changes. We only have the power to make changes within our own heart.

Only God can change an individual. Sometimes its drastic and sometimes its subtle. Once I got a hold of that it changed my whole outlook on life. It really lifted a burden off my life. I realized in my heart that it was not my job to change messed up people/family members. Everyone is responsible for there own actions no matter how big or small or positive or negative it may be.

This is a mental note:

If you want to see change in someone else. Start with the man in the mirror. Once people start seeing your changes to their normal responses and reactions the situations and negative behaviors become reversed .

Tune in tomorrow for more conversational blogging smooches.

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